Sarah Guyll BSc(Hons) MCPod Chiropodist & Podiatrist

Sarah established Winchcombe Clinic in 2004 after 15 years working in both the NHS and Private Practice. Sarah began her career with the NHS in East Yorkshire where she specialized in Nail Surgery and later Biomechanics, working alongside a local Physiotherapist. Upon moving to Gloucestershire Sarah continued to work for the NHS while building up her own practice.

Sarah offers a wide range of treatments for all aspects of foot care.

Sarah's main area of interest is still Biomechanics which includes FMT (Foot Mobilisation Technique). FMT is a painless 'hands on' set of techniques which aim to increase the range of motion at joints and reduce symptoms, it is combined with corrective exercises. FMT is a useful addition to biomechanics rehabilitation and it can be combined with orthotics or can also be used as a treatment in it's own right.

Sarah continues to expand her knowledge, regularly attending courses and conferences. She works closely with her Podiatric colleagues, local GP's and orthopaedic consultants.

Sarah is registered with the HCPC and qualified to administer local anaesthetic.